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Choose your love & love your choice

by Tamara Siekman February 11, 2017

Something shifted in me recently that spurred me to change my Tinder profile. The before and after profiles differed dramatically, yet they both were a representation of where I was at in my life. So it got me thinking…just like everything else that exists which is ever changing, does our desire for love and intimacy constantly change also?

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Lose weight in 5 simple steps

by Tamara Siekman January 15, 2017

Have you noticed your clothes are a bit snug after the festive season? Me too! This discovery has inspired me to make my New Years resolution to getting the 'old me' back.  And being the lazy sod I am I've come up with an easy to follow 5 step plan to drop the excess bulge.

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What style of yoga is right for you?

by Ally McManus November 26, 2016

Whether your perfect date sounds like chillaxing in a Sunday Yin session, or you’re more of a Vinyasa flow kinda yogi – we’ve got the 'know-how' to help you get in your groove.

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The long overdue spring clean

by Tamara Siekman August 28, 2016

Spring is a time when we think about ‘cleansing, decluttering and detoxifying.’  It’s all about clearing out the old and making way for the new.  But what happens when you realise it is people that you need to clear out?

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